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David Bailey sent us these ghost pictures of ectoplasm, orbs and a being of some sort:       
"The place, Tacoma Cemetery. It is the oldest and first Graveyard in Tacoma, WA."   
"Here are some of the
ghost photos I took with a
Fujifilm Finepix S3100
Digital Camera on 10
December 2005; at
approximately 5:00p.m. --
using a flash.  

I am sending you some orb
photos as well as... ...one
that looks like a demon
peering up over the top of
a headstone at me. It is
right above the headstone
named 'Thomas" about the
center; just in front of the
headstone behind. If you
zoom in, it has structure to
it. You can see eye
sockets, a nose...a long
nose and a forehead and
cheeks. It has light shining
off of the facial bones and
therefore appears to have
depth and possibly
mass...when I saw the
photo (when I got home), it
just kind of creeped me out
knowing that this thing was
staring at me and not
looking to happy that I was
Above: Original picture
with face peering behind

Left: Close-up of what
looks like a pig-faced
Update:  Dave went back and re-investigated the cemetery
again, to see if he could maybe figure out this pig faced thing
that showed up in his photo.  This story is a good example of
how a photo can be mis-interpreted, and it can be a great idea
to go back and try to figure out what caused the photo.  Kudos
to Dave for following up with us!

"I just got back from the Old Tacoma Cemetery.  I was taking
some control photos and discovered that the photo entitled,
"Demon's Face" is merely a sprinkler head. I am enclosing a
couple copies of the control photos to prove it."
Above: Close-up of an orb.  
Right: Original picture with the orb.
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Two orbs visible
over the
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