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Miles visited the West Virgnia Penitentiary and captured what may be a good shadow ghost picture. The West Virginia Pen is known for shadow ghosts. We know of two other shadow ghost pictures taken inside this prison to compare with this one (Moundsville Ghost Picture, Moundsville Shadow Man). This ghost picture, however, was taken in another area of the prison -- inside the cell of a famous inmate:

"I was part of a tour that did a ghost hunt at the jail in late September, 2010. We had just done some EVP work in Red's cell. My wife and I went to other side of north hall. When I got to cell 10, I had a major cold feeling, and it did last for a little bit, stopping me dead in my tracks. So a little bit later, we went back to do some EVP work and recorded nothing. Later that night, we went back for a third time and tried to catch something. I had the same cold feeling. This time, I turned around; and that's when I took three photos. I did not see the shadow standing by the cell door at the time. When we got home home and I adjusted the brightness on them, that's when I saw the shadow in all three photos. I am sending one of the photos; it is the first photo I took. I took the photos with an IR (infrared) camera.


West Virginia Penitentiary - lightened

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Above Top:
Original ghost picture shows a shadow figure in the shape of a man standing outside of the prison cell (look in the middle).

Above Middle:
Close-up and rough sketch of the figure standing by the West Virginia Penitentiary prison cell.

Slightly lightened version for comparison.

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