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This month's real Ghost pictures
were received by
 Angels &
Ghosts for all to see!
Each ghost picture has its
own page & story...two
pages of ghost pictures to
see for your ghost study
this month!  
See Page 2
Ghost Picture
of the Month
for May 2005
Ghost Pictures

Graveyard Ghost Pictures
Ectoplasm and a little boy
ghost in graveyards for your

Baby Shower Ghost Pic
Moving orb and other orbs
showed up for the party.

Spirit Orb Ghost Picture
Moving spirit orb travelling
by a lady's baby son - nice
shot with the camera!

Skegness Spirit Picture
Strange ghost picture of
what looks like people in
distance. What caused it?

Moving Orb Ghost Photo
Nice moving orb with a long
streak in black and white.

Prayer Spirit Energy
Is prayer energy the same
as what we are capturing as

Old House Ghost Picture
Ectoplasm and an orb keep
this house from selling!

Easter Morning Orb
Ghost picture has a huge
orb that looks like the moon
- only faint.

Orb & Ecto Ghost Pics
Red orb followed lady who
snapped pictures of it and

Head in Window Ghost
Nice fake ghost picture sent
to us from Trep in the

Kristy's Ghost Pictures
A collection of weird photos
from orbs to ectoplasm...

Crowd Orb Picture
Orb in air over a crowd.  Is it
a ghost overhead...
Ghost Pictures

Mary Todd Lincoln Ghost
Exclusive shots of the
famous first lady's haunted

Back Yard Orb Ghost Pics
Behind the house, unseen
guests were mingling with
this family.

Family Spirits
Ghost pictures of orbs
hovering over family

Supercharged & Green
Strange things appearing in
these kid pictures.

Ocean Grove Ghost?
Lady swears the lattice and
lights were not on this porch
where they stayed.

Wedding Photo Orb
Others unseen at the
matrimonial ceremony?

Camera Phone Picture
Our month would not be
complete without one of
these to try and decipher.

Eerie Cross Ghost Pic
Ghost picture of a cross
that has part of it glowing.

Bright Orb Ghost Pic
Fantastic shot of a moving
orb glowing brilliantly with

Aussie Ghost Picture
Nice ectoplasm photo from
Cassandra down under.

Gainesville Ghost Photos
A collection of cemetery
photos from Mandy &
Ghost Pictures

Indiana Ghost Pictures
Two strange pictures from
Teather taken in an old

The Face Ghost Pic
A skeleton-looking face
appeared in this ghost
picture unexpectedly.

Mum Ghost Picture
Diann from Hayling Island
sent another strange photo -
this time of her mom!

Notre Dame Ghost Pic
Famous Notre Dame
Cathedral in Paris has
spirits within it...

Vortex Ghost Photo
Photos of an orb and what
appears to be a vortex
forming on stairs.

Couch Orb Photo
Another orb appears...this
time above a couch.

Strange Light Photos
Anna from Greece found
some interesting pics of
light in her album!

Attic Orb Photo
An attic has several orbs in
it - what caused it?  Spirit?  

Beaver Dam Ectoplasm
This serene place had
spiritual energy about it...

Ghost In The Mirror
Young lady snaps a ghost
pic of her brother looking in
the mirror...
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