About Our Angel Pictures

A Bit More About Our Angel Pictures Gallery
Angel Pictures are sent for our review monthly by website visitors from around the world, and this all began back in '04. My how things have grown. The Angels & Ghosts website now has well over 4000 pages of information in its collection about spirits!

When we first began, we did not know how to rule out false images from potentially true evidence. After all, people's beliefs in angels are somewhat sacred. So, we began by posting most anything we had received and simply chose to allow viewers to decide for themselves. We realized that even though some angel pictures may not seem to be "paranormal" in nature, they sure do inspire the human spirit. And to us, that was much more important.

We try to eliminate some of the angel photos that we feel are the product of false anomalies or fabrication, but this website still displays all of the older images that we had formerly posted prior; and we still post angel pictures that are inspirational, such as "cloud angel" shapes. It has always been our goal to inspire a personal journey among visitors, so enjoy the images and take away what speaks to you - spirits, angels, anomalies - whatever. It's a collection to promote thinking about the spirit world! You will find that we have also posted many articles about angels in addition to the spirits in pictures. To visit our page devoted solely to angel and spirit pictures, please visit our angel pictures page and look for the list of anomalies on the right hand side.

As we have said for over 10 years: You decide whether or not the evidence is genuine - proof that spirits exist. If they have inspired you to seek answers from beyond what your eyes may see, then, they have served their purpose.