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Mrs. Velma Valencia sent us this picture which has a lot going on in it.  Ghost and angel pictures may be
captured with both digital or traditional cameras.  Our favorite thing about this picture are the misty figures
behind the children!  This picture contains ectoplasm, which is indicative of the presence of spirit.  Maybe
this picture has both
Angels & Ghosts! The bottom two images are the gamma adjusted & negative images.

"What do you see?  This was taken at my daughter's Easter Egg hunt at school.  The kids were sitting in a
circle, eating a snack after the hunt...and I snapped this picture.  The only thing is, I used a 35 mm camera
and it was a beautiful day!  I thought they only appeared on digital cameras.  The same thing is on my
negative.  Please tell me what you see and think of this?  No one seems to see what I see.  I see a little
angel staring straight at me and smiling, while behind the children it looks like people sitting and standing.  
This was the only picture with any weird images...all the other pictures are clear."
angel gamma
angel negative
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