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Amy Bayer sent us this inspirational picture and story of her son...  

"Hello my name is Amy Bayer, and my picture is of my son Alec the date of the picture was January 14, 2006.  
My son had been competing in a wrestling tournament in Liberal, Kansas.  The photo is the second to last
photo i took during the day, and the only one that turned out different at all.  This was the moment the called
my little boy by name to the awards stand to get his medal.  My son is named after my grandfather, who
passed away when my son was ten months old.  My son was named after this grandfather.  My father who is a
skeptic said it's glare off of the flourescent lighting, which I admit it may be, but I have a hard time believing
glare can create the fingers of light coming from each tube, and literally wrapping around my sons body.  Also
note the general haze of the photo, the room was very light, and very clear, and there was not haze in it at all.
but this whole photo came out dreamy like? I especially relate electrical occurances that would seem strange to
my grandfather, because he was an electrician, together him and I built flashlights, and assorted other
electrical projects, and he would know that when I saw this I would know it was him.  Just another footnote, My
last baby was born on August 14, 2003, a very short while before the local tv here in kansas starting reporting
the New York City Blackout, yes the giant one, and my baby was born not breathing, took a real rally of the
medical staff, to get him out and get him breathing.  Was extremely strange to me that I was so used to him
being right there after the birth of my kids it was my first thought, that I wished he was there, about three or
four minutes later we heard the news about the big blackout, they broke through our local programming to
release that.  

Yes the light could be glare, blah blah blah   ONLY TO THOSE WHO REFUSE TO LOOK! THAT IS A HUG
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