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Angel Images!
So you would like to see some angel images?   We collected together a few good
angel i
mages along with their stories.  The following images of angels were submitted to
Angels & Ghosts.  Enjoy!
Angel images inspire many, even though
some images may not be angelic entities,
themselves.  Many believe that angel images
are signs of angelic presence - that guiding
spirits indeed exist with us.  Can you detect,
can you sense the interaction of unseen
spirits woven within the tapestry of your life?

The following angel images serve as
inspiration to those who believe that we are
not alone, but loved, observed, and cared for
from the invisible plane, by benevolent spirits.
Frosted Glass Angel Image
Frosted Glass Angel Image (right)
Melanie from Alberta, Canada sent us this
fantastic angel image, which looks like a young
person with hands folded in prayer.  She
awakened to find this Christmas gift created by
the frost on her window glass.

The angel picture was taken December, 2008.
Read Melanie's story page about this
photograph by selecting the image or its title

Hospital Jesus Picture (below; video right)
A crowd of people inside the Florida Hospital
Medical Complex in Orlando, Florida snapped
photos of an image appearing similarly as the
profile of Jesus crying.
Hospital Jesus Picture
Cell Phone Angel Image
Cell Phone Angel Image
The angel picture at left
was taken without flash
using a cell phone
camera.  Claudia believes
it is an angel guarding the
little girl, Valerie.  

The photograph was
taken December, 2008.  
Valerie also believes
there is something in the
window (see enlarged
Dad's Angel Mist Image Jesus face on wall?
Angel Mist Image
RC sent us this angel
image at left, which was
taken two months
before her dad passed.

Jesus On Wall Image
Kristi Broughton's
drywall mud face picture
at right has similarities
to images of Jesus...
Car Window Angel Image?
Car Window Angel Image  (right)
This angel picture was captured by
snapping photographs outside of a car
window, according to Don of Las
Vegas, Nevada.

Is it an angel, or a trick of reflection?  
You decide, but first observe the larger
image by selecting the photograph or
title.  This is a striking angel image, the
more you study it and look at the
detail.  Do you see the head and arms?
Ines' Angel Image (left)

"I updated my Facebook profile picture a couple of days ago, with this
picture I'm enclosing.  A friend noticed there was some figure 'flying'
towards my nose.  I hadn't seen it.  I thought it was just strange light from
the picture. The photo is only retouched to add more light and contrast.  I
have nothing to do with the 'figure' who in fact, looks like an angel with
some sort of instrument.

I'm not a religious person, but very spiritual.  I believe we are living
wonderful times in our Earth, where we can connect better than ever, to
our higher beings, and have the life we came to have, making it paradise
on Earth.  I submit this picture for your appreciation, and do not take any
kind of position about what it is.  Anyway, we live in a wonderful world, full
of surprises for those who want to see."  
 - Inès Vignolo, Switzerland
Ines' Angel Image
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