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Jill captured this picture of light in front of her it an angel or did something get in front of the lens...Jill says
her hair was tied back and no camera strap interfered:

"My name is Jill and have been encountering several spirits for many years.  I sensed a presence in front of me while I
was taking this photo of my 3 month old daughter, on the 23rd of December.  I was celebrating Christmas early with my
children that morning and felt a non-fearful presence around me, while I was talking to my baby girl trying to get her to
smile for the camera.  She started smiling as you can see her just barely through this strange angel light. This is my first
picture of many spirits in my life.

Just so you know, I have hair but it was all tied back.  I know it was something else, because I felt it around me when I
was getting my daughter to smile.  Also I dream and have encountered spiritual attacks...while awake and sleeping.  I
sense though, this is a different one.  Also I have had pics with my hair in front of the lens.   This is different!  All my
viewing friends get the so-called HEE-BEE-GEEBEES when seeing this pic."
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