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Christmas Angel Pictures, Photos, Photographs, Pics
Angels are messengers, and heaven could represent the higher place - the unseen, spirit
realm.  It is from within this energy that messengers come to us.  The following
were submitted to Angels & Ghosts by our visitors and could be evidence of this.
Christmas Angel Photo
The angel picture at left is quite interesting, as
we cannot come up with an explanation for how
the image of the figure appeared:

"My name is Darryl Benier i am in Adelaide,
South Australia. I took this picture at Christmas
eve 2008. This was just a childish picture of two
teddies and about mid 2009 i finally noticed what
seems to be a figure in the arch way.

I only used a very average camera.  It is an
"AIPTEK" HD video camera. I have always
believed in spirits and everything else in the
category and I to this day cannot find a picture
as unbelievable as this.  I picture what seems to
be a hooded figure."

Christmas Angel Photograph
This cool Christmas angel picture below looks to have a lively, spirited light moving within it:

"(This) is an angel that appeared in our video
when my four year old grandson and I decorated
our tree."
 - Tammy
Christmas Angel Photo
Christmas Angel Photograph
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Christmas Eve Angel Photo
This next angel picture at right is simply
incredible.  You can see a white figure in the
red haze and when you view the full
photograph, you'll notice this shape is also on
the right side as a faint mist but larger. (be
sure and select the photo to see it full-size):

"This picture was taken on Christmas eve
2005 in Waycross, Georgia on a street named
State street. That's me in the picture my family
and me was in the process of moving to
Waycross at the time when this picture was
taken it was about 6:00pm and the sun had
already went down. My aunt had taken the
picture with my camera which was a 35mm
camera. This picture has not been enhanced
in any way expect for the circle that I added.
To me it looks as though its an angel carrying
something that looks like flowers and is
wearing a long white robe."
 - Melissa
Christmas Eve Angel Photo
Christmas Eve Angel Photo
Christmas Angel Picture!
The above two angel pictures were taken during Christmas time and are older submissions.  Two learn more about them,
simply select the photo to go to a new page which tells their story!
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Each month Angels & Ghosts publishes pictures of angels sent to us by website
visitors, as well as other major angel photographs that surface on the Internet when

All of the above pictures may be selected to see their larger versions.

It is our hope to educate the public that we are not alone, but are spirits interacting
within a spiritual world.  Have solid evidence?  Send it to us, and we might post it for
others to be able to consider the possibility that there is more to this world than a
physical existence.  As always, however, it is up to the viewer to decide...
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