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Angel Pictures!
The following angel pictures we received from viewers in August, 2009, so we are
presenting them to you for September's angel pictures section.  Do they represent the
presence of angels or enlightened spirits among us?  You decide for yourself.  

Many believe that spirit beings influence our lives in different ways and that they may be
captured manifesting as entities of light, appearing differently to the camera's eye.

The first angel picture
(below) was shown a few months back in one of our sections about
angels, but we wished to update the story; for another picture taken the same morning was
sent to us by the family:
Daughter Angel Picture
Tony sent us two amazing pictures of what the family
believes to be an angel caught at Christmas.  It has long
been believed that spirits of family visit us during
celebrations.  The following story and angel picture could
be some good evidence to support that:

"Here is a picture of what I believe is my daughter's
guardian angel.  She said she had seen an angel in her
bedroom on Christmas Eve.  She was only three years
old at the time, so I know she couldn't make this up.  
When the pictures came out, this what we saw."
Angels Pictures
Angel Pictures
new photo
we received
from the

Notice the
wings are
similar, but
not the
San Carlos Angel Picture?
Our next angel picture from Leigh I. was
taken in San Carlos, Mexico and is a series of
photos showing an anomaly of light appearing
and then disappearing!  

"My husband and I were sitting at La Palapa
restaurant looking out at the beach.  We had
just started talking about God, when I wanted
to take a photo with my digital camera of the
beautiful sky and beach.  I snapped a photo,
then shortly afterward, snapped the second
one, which showed a bright image to the left
side.  I was perplexed by the image, so I took
another photo, and it also had an image, but
dimmer.  I then took a photo immediately
afterward, and there was nothing there.  Since
we were having a "God discussion," I thought
the photos were interesting.  If you look at the
brighter image, you can see a large "orb-ish"
circle in the middle, as if there were a bright
light source affecting the camera.  The sun had
already set, and there were no lights on where
we were sitting."
San Carlos Angel Picture
San Carlos Angel Picture
Pyramid Angel Picture
Gill sent us this angel
photograph taken by his
daughter in their lounge:

"This photo really interests me,
especially the image on the
beanbag under the pyramid
because someone did a
beautiful painting of my Guide
with that symbol on their
Pyramid Angel Picture
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Face in Water Angel Picture Left:
Face In Water Angel Picture
Carrie sent us this shocking facial image she noticed
in the water.  If you would like to share kind thoughts
with her about the picture, you may e-mail her at:

"My mom and aunt went to Florida to put my
grandmother's ashes in the ocean. She passed away
June 28th. The picture was taken after they put her in
the water. You can clearly see a face. I checked the
before pictures to see if it could have been a crazy
rock, but I didn't see any. The face is above my aunts
knee, on the left side of the picture, a little before half
way down."
Woman and Child Angel Pictures
Joe from Bloomsdale, Missouri captured this next photo, which shows
a human form behind the steps in his back yard:

"I recently caught these photos by accident trying to set my wildlife
camera up to see what was getting into my trash cans late at night.  It
turned out to be a cat. When I retrieved the camera the next morning I
set it off and moved out of the way and this is what I saw.  The
camera was taking pictures every six seconds automatically.  I was
standing behind the camera waiting for it to finish, so I could take it in
the house.  I saw nothing!"

The series of pictures, along with enhancements will help you to
discover that this is a woman holding a baby.  But, she appears to be
no ordinary woman, for she seems to vanish as quickly as she
appeared and is whited-out more than the wood structure in front of

Take a closer look...and you decide.  Is it an angel?  Spirit?  Ghost?
Woman & Child Angel Picture
Angel Pictures See Submit Look at...
Each month Angels & Ghosts publishes pictures of angels sent to us by website
visitors, as well as other major angel photographs that surface on the Internet when

All of the above pictures may be selected to see their larger versions.

It is our hope to educate the public that we are not alone, but are spirits interacting
within a spiritual world.  Have solid evidence?  Send it to us, and we might post it for
others to be able to consider the possibility that there is more to this world than a
physical existence.  As always, however, it is up to the viewer to decide...
Angels & Ghosts!
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