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Flora J. Walker took a picture of ocean spray and captured what she calls an angel in the spray:

"I took three months after my husband passed away...taking (pictures of) giant crashing waves out at Shore Acea Park in Charleston, Oregon.  I was talking to God, telling him how much I missed him (my husband) and how I wished he was there with me...this tiny ocean spray came up and I just snapped the picture.  When I got home...I saw the praying angel in the ocean spray.  I knew Jim was letting me know he made it to heaven...this angel is in the same stance as the one I gave him.  The praying angel was a gift I gave my husband when he became ill and he loved it."

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Angel Spray - close-up
Close-up of the angel formed by the ocean spray.
Can you see the angel formed by the sea spray on the rocks better from a distance?  Was it a sign from her husband?
Do spirits speak to use by different means such as natural signs?