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Angel Images: Portrait Angel?
This image from Tim Stockwell is interesting, because the light anomaly between the boys
looks like an old portrait turned upside-down:

"We were at a haunted hayride at an old, closed campground off Arlington Rd in the Akron,
Ohio area, up in a clearing on a hill where there was no electricity, no lights -- nothing but
darkness. There was a bigger, older kid there that started picking on my oldest son Kyle
(then about 4), and Kyle started getting brave and fighting back. I thought it was cool that he
was almost in his first little fight and doing quite well with a bigger opponent, so I clicked a
few pictures...what is the swirling light that looks like it is coming from Kyle's body and
pushing on the bigger kid? Looks like fire or something and if you look closely it almost
looks like an upside down portrait of a man from the 1800s."
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