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Angel Picture of the Month for January 2007
Lisa Nicholas of Jackson, Mississippi sent us this incredible angel picture she believes is of an angel.  What
is fascinating is that the energy (this is not hair, but light) seems to be spiraling out of the tummy of the
infant.  Could this be his angel or is it the baby's energy emanating from within his being?

"I took this picture of my seven month old one night. There are several other pics of pretty much the same
pose, but this was the only one that had this blond hair and gold lights in it. I do not have blond hair and
neither did anyone who was there at the time. This is also on the negative. My baby is always looking up at
the ceiling and following "something" with her eyes. I think what I captured in this photo might be an angel.
What do you think?? "
baby angel picture
baby energy gamma adjusted picture
baby energy negative image
Above:  Second and third images are the gamma adjusted and negative
images, respectively.  Notice how the energy appears to be emanating from
the baby's tummy...or is it an angel communicating or reaching out to the
baby in this way?  You decide...
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