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Is this an angel or solar flare from the sunlight?  You decide...

"My name is Jennifer and I am from New Market, MD.  I took this picture of my daughter in October of 2005
during her last cheerleading performance for the year.  I must have looked at this picture about a million
times, and then realized, this is an angel!  I originally thought it was light hitting the camera, but the more I
look at it the more I think it's an angel, because if it was sunlight, I believe the streak of light would begin
more at the top of the picture.  This starts right in the middle, and just flashes rainbows and light.  Also, a
little lower and to the right of the middle of the flash, you sort of see a face looking on...what do you think?  I
feel my daughter has always had an angel with her, as she is a strong believer in fairies, and she was born
3 months early weighing only 3lbs.  She is a special little girl!"
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