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Real pictures of angels & spirits for Christmas time! 

Real Christmas Angel Pictures!

For December 2008, we thought it best to share a few remarkable angel pictures, as the Christmas season has come upon us. 

We have also included some older Christmas angel pictures that were submitted years ago, but very wonderful and worth the time to view once again. 

It is our hope that the following angel pictures will inspire viewers during the holidays, and simply share that we are never alone. 


Christmas Angel Pictures:  Image Of An Angel
Christmas and celebration is about family.  Did mom visit them on this day?

Christmas Angel Pictures:  Christmas Pageant Angel Picture
Stunning angel picture in a church is a favorite Christmas angel photo!

Christmas Angel Pictures:  Hospital Angel Picture
Photo of a 14 year old girl who is saved by an angel right before Christmas!

Christmas Angel Pictures:  Christmas Angel Picture
Malvern, Ohio angel picture over top of outdoor Christmas lights!

Christmas Angel Pictures:  Christmas Angel Tree Picture
Swirling mist around the Tannenbaum...was it a relative visiting?

At Angels & Ghosts, we believe what some call angels are  enlightened spirits - spirits of humans who speak to us through thoughts, signs, visions and dreams to help instruct, teach, awaken, lead and assist mankind on their life journey.  All of us have lessons to learn and the biggest is to awaken to spirit - knowing that everything is spirit and connected as one.  This is where the journey begins, and the path is found only within each individual, ultimately leading to the truth.  Do you struggle with looking at angels this way?  If so, be sure and read: The History Of Angels

Christmas Angel Pictures found on this page are very inspiring for people this time of the year.  For some, the holidays can be a time of loneliness, or even invoke sad memories.  We all need to know there is more to life and that we are loved and cared for - even by thosewhom we do not see.  Are these angel pictures evidence of that presence?  It is for you to decide...

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