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Cynthia sent us this angel picture...and a couple more interesting images.  

"Upper right corner on wall.  Angel with crown looking over me. Taken on Easter."
"I've attached
the original
image twice;
one circled
where the face
is.  He has a
crown, nose,
eyes and
mustache and
beard. Keep
looking and you
will see him.
I didn't see him
until my
pointed it out to
"I'm also sending you a pic of a image of what looks like the pic of Jesus on my
boyfriend's neck.  All these pictures were taken with digital cameras."
"I'm also sending you a picture of my boyfriend with his son and a picture of what
looks like a spirit in between him and his son (circled on the second pic); also you
can see a green gremlin like image, too."  
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