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Constance Richard of Berwick, Louisiana sent us these angel pictures...

"These photos of my daughter were taken on 2 separate occasions, the first two in December 2005 and the
third in February 2006; but both were taken at my parents new home, which use to belong to my now
deceased grandmother.  We have believed since she was conceived that my grandmothers were
watching over my daughter.  My grandmother died the day after my daughter was due (who ended up being
two weeks late).  Then, for my daughter's first Christmas, we asked my grandmother for a white Christmas as
a sign that she was watching over us and it snowed on Christmas day (the amazing thing about this is that we
live in southern Louisiana and it has not really snowed in 16 years).  The second photo looks like a white
haze around her, but in the first the angel shape is undeniable.  In the third with the bike, you can clearly see
a face over her head (which looks like my grandmother) with a haze that could be a body.  These pictures
were taken on a beautiful clear night and day.  To us, we see these pictures as proof that my grandmother is
my daughter's guardian angel?"
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