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Adrian sent us some angel pictures recently that appear to have apparitions in them.  Although Adrian was
wondering about the images to the bottom (were they anything to worry about), we feel that they were nothing to
be concerned with.  We felt that when people pass, and cross over to the other side, often loved ones will help
the passing, as it may be fearful to the person who may not be aware of their own passing (when there is nothing
to fear).  These visitors by death bed, could be considered messengers...angels - people whom are watching
over the loved one; friends or family members who may also be there to comfort, etc...  It is therefore our opinion,
that some of these pictures may contain some of these beings who are actually there for the crossing over to the
spiritual realm - nothing to fear, but to embrace:

"My mother is currently in the hospital suffering from Terminal Adrenal Cancer and she has only been given a
few days to a week to live.  My older brother as he was walking into the room while my mother was sleeping took
this picture. If you look to the left hand side by where the blue tubes of my mothers life support machine you see
a white silhouette of a women that looks to be wearing a hood over her head and holding a red rose in her hands
it resembles the Virgin Mary."
angel by death bed
virgin mary by death bed
Close-up of what looks like a Virgin Mary - looking angel to the right...
death bed angel picture
death bed messenger picture
Close-up of a man standing by the bed is to the right...
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