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Malisa sent us the following angel picture and comments.  Do you see Grandmom?

"I don't know that my Grandmom would approve, but she is way too beautiful to hide.  I have looked through
your site and I think mine really shows clearly angels are real.  Not only in this pic is the face of my
Grandmom, but also other angel's faces.  Look to the right, that is my grandmom (huge face), and above
the right wing is another face surreal.  There are more eyes in that pic...I have been praying a
lot lately for God to send all of his archangels to come watch over us.  He sure did send them!  My
Grandmom came, too.  I had light bulbs that went out, etc...they take a lot of energy to come show
themselves. This is not a ghost. This is angelic.  I read lots of Sylvia Browne and even have much faith in
God.  My whole family is stunned, even the non-believers.  My Grandmom may be upset I am sharing this
with everyone, but angels are real, God is real...and my pic along with others...(not camera mistakes, bugs,
etc), but the faces you actually see are proof.  There is another side...a place we call home.

I want everyone to have faith, say your prayers. They listen!  I am sending in a young picture of my
Grandmom along with the picture I took for a costume I sold on Ebay.  The sad part is I had many more, but
deleted them before even noticing her beautiful face. It also took me a week to finally realize and see there
is not just her face but more!"
ebay costume angel picture
Above right:  Malisa's outline of Grandmom's face.

Right: Malisa's Grandmom.

Malisa's website:
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