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Hospital Angel Photo
Hospital Angel Photo
Cindy Suarez sent us this fantastic angel photo captured in a hospital.  It is very similar to
the famous
Hospital Angel Picture:

"On 12-31-08, I was visiting our sick grandmother in the hospital. While in the waiting
room, I took two photos of my cousins. (One of my lil' cousin, and about two hours later,
another of my other cousin.)  A lot of my family were there, fearing we may lose my
grandmother. Later, my husband and I got in our vehicle, I opened my phone to look at
the photos of my cousins, and there I found this photo!  I was immediately amazed and
shocked!  I could hardly believe what I saw.  I KNEW I didn't take any more than two
photos and no retakes. How could this appear and why? Is this an angel?"
You may contact Cindy by e-mail and let her know your kind thoughts about this photo:
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