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Lindsay James from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada sent us this angel picture...  

"This picture was taken by me, of one of my girlfriends. When the picture was originally uploaded, you couldn't see
anything out of the ordinary.  I began to lighten the picture to make it a little nicer for my online album
and the angel began to come out in a very clear form and shape with wings and a halo -- the whole bit.  But not only did
it come out as a clear image but there is even detail in the "wings."  I showed this picture to almost everyone I know, and
it has made people go from never believing in angels to making them go out and get an angel tattoo.  I always believed
in angels myself, but there has always been a doubt in the back of my mind. This picture has changed my whole point of
view on life.  Well, I hope this picture can help other people
the way it has helped me (this picture has not been edited in any other way than lightened and added more contrast)."
angels angel
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