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We received this story and pic from Judy Condra for May's angel picture section...

"My mother died on June 26, 2005.  We took care of her for ten years.   So, the whole family took a family vacation and
went to Florida.  When we came back, we had about four pictures left on our camera. I asked my daughter to take two
of me; and I'd take two of her. About two weeks before, I prayed to the Lord and asked him to let me see her (my
mother) one more time.  So I went to Walmart, and one of the ladies told me I needed to look at my pictures really close
- so I did; and one of the pictures has an angel in it.   It is one of the pictures of me and in the picture I was reading an
angel book.  This has blessed my heart dearly, and I wanted to share it (and maybe it will do the same for you!)."
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