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Mariana of West Palm Beach, Florida sent us this interesting angel story and picture...

"This is a picture I took last night, and I think I know who that angel is.  If it is who I think it is, then it's my
angel Rafael; and I might know why he showed up there.  This is a table I have in my room, with my candles,
a couple of pictures of loved ones, some light bulbs for my light therapy, my tarot cards, etc. - things of this
nature.  A few weeks ago, I went through a very traumatic experience with a stranger that tried to take
advantage of me badly.  How I got out of that situation (it was clearly a dangerous situation, which I had no
way out at all, and still somehow, something came over that stranger when I was praying to my angel
Rafael)...he just let me go, without harming me much - when he could have easily done much worse; maybe
even killed me.  After that happened, the next day, I bought a purse at a store.  I didn't notice what the
pattern was exactly on the purse, until I got home.   It was a bunch of little angels, and inside the purse, I
found a card and it said, 'This is a card for you to write a message to whoever you think your angel might
be.'  I think this was amazing; too much of a coincidence, especially because lately I've been receiving a lot
of messages from Rafael (my angel), asking him to talk to me more...to let himself be known to me more.
Then last night, I felt the urge to take this picture of the table I have in my room with my spiritual things on it.
What came out is what is in this picture: an angel flying on top of the table...truly special, I think.  Thank you
for this opportunity to show other people angels really exist, and they are always there to protect us from
harm and make sure everything is OK."
rafael angel picture
rafael angel picture
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