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Spirit - Angel!
Could these be old spirit or angel images?
During the mid-1800's through the early 1900's,
spiritualism rose to prominence and so did photography
that claimed to have captured angels, guides, spirits of
relatives and other paranormal phenomena.  The following
examples of spirit and angel imagery are quite interesting
and certainly inspiring!  Are relatives from the past with us
in spirit, angels watching over us and observing our lives?  
A big thanks to the
National Media Museum!

Right: The presence of spirit in this photograph could be
signs of an angel some believe.  Did the photographer
capture spirit around the gentleman?

Below Left: The spirit of three individuals ascend above
those seated, like angels in their midst.  They are likely
loved ones of the family who passed prior.
Another misty,
phantom face
appears this
time in front of
the ladies.

Could this be an
angel, spirit of a
loved one?
Left & Right:
from with
in a
spirit cloud.
Below: The next series reveals spirit people with
head coverings, almost angel-like.  Spirit or angel?
Above & Left:
The similarities
between the spirits in
these photos are
interesting to us.

Did talented, old-time
photographers create
these images through

Be sure to visit
to learn
more about these
craftsmen, such as
William Mumler.
Below: The last two spirit, angel pictures are interesting because they depict different
scenes.  The first reveals a hand emanating from a fog below a seance table.  The second to
the right captures a time of mourning with the spirit apparition of the man lying below.
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