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Spirit Being Pictures that were sent to Angels & Ghosts !!

Want to see some spirit beings in pictures we have received from viewers? 

Spirit Beings are often thought to be angels, spirit guides, or family members.  What is important to know is that spirits are around us who observe, aid and guide us.  They work to communicate with us.

The following pictures are examples of spirit being presence among the living.  Enjoy!

Pictures of Spirit Beings!

Spirit Beings:  Eddie's Father's Spirit Being Picture
His father was not alone for his passing...

Spirit Beings:  Halloween Spirit Being Picture
Looks like a spirit was present with them at the party!

Spirit Beings:  Wedding Spirit Being Picture
Someone in spirit was present with them on their special day.

Spirit Beings:  Mount Shasta Spirit Beings Picture  
Amazing photograph of what may be higher spirits with them!

Spirit Beings: Basement Spirit Being Picture
Was there someone with her when the picture was taken?

Spirit Beings:  Monique's Sister's Spirit Being Picture
Wow!  What caused this to happen...a spirit with her?

Spirit Beings:   Dogs & Spirit Being Picture
Did her husband's spirit pose with the pooches? 

Spirit Beings:  Grandma Spirit Being Picture
Did she come visit her grandson in spirit?  You decide...

Most people are unaware of the presence of spirit beings around them.  Yet, wherever we go, we are in spirit and spirits are with us.  They communicate with us through thoughts.  Have you ever wondered where some of our thoughts and ideas might come from?  Do they always originate from within our own minds, or could some thoughts be from others who guide us?  If spirit beings were to try and communicate with us, might it be through not only our thoughts, but through coincidences, dreams, and visions?   

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