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Angel Pictures!
Joe from
Missouri captured
this a
ngel or spirit
photo, which s
a human form
behind the steps in
his back yard:

"I recently caught
these photos by
accident trying to
set my wildlife
camera up to see
what was getting
into my trash cans
late at night.  It
turned out to be a
cat. When I
retrieved the
camera the next
morning I set it off
and moved out of
the way and this is
what I saw.  The
camera was taking
pictures every six
automatically.  I was
standing behind the
camera waiting for
it to finish, so I could
take it in the house.  
I saw nothing!"

The series of
pictures, along with
enhancements will
help you to discover
that this is a woman
holding a baby.  
But, she appears to
be no ordinary
woman, for she
seems to vanish as
quickly as she
appeared and is
whited-out more
than the wood
structure in front of

Take a closer
look...and you
decide.  Is it an
angel?  Spirit?  

The photos appear
in succession from
the top downward:

1) Close-up of the
woman and baby,
unaltered, but

2) Diagram of the
baby and part of the
woman's shoulder
and arm.

3) Adjusted color
and contrast.
The original image showing the
woman between the wooden posts
of the stairs.

Below left:
The following picture taken six-seven
seconds later only shows a small
part of the image between the rail
and steps.  All that could be made
out was a small corner of white in
this photograph.  Still, the image did
not appear in any other photos from
the camera, nor did Joe see anyone
there as the camera was capturing
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