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Images of Angels
Images of Angels? Can Some Angels Be Cases of Mistaken Identity?
We want to elaborate on the idea of angels being benevolent spirits, even spirits of
humans who watch over us. This is not to say that there are not other beings in spirit, but
most images of angels are described as human in form. Even biblical descriptions of
angels are manlike. If the human spirit can become enlightened and if human spirits can
visit and communicate with people, perhaps many of the angel sightings people describe
are actually human spirits that have transcended the earth realm and work to help other
humans to elevate their thinking, also. It would make sense that the elevation of the whole
of human consciousness would be a benefit to everyone, especially if we are connected;
connection implying that all of us are spirits within a single spirit, one.

Egypt Angel Apparition Pictures
An example of misidentification of a human angel (spirit) might be the an apparition that
floated above and around a church. Zeiton, Egypt is known for such an incredible,
well-documented angel/spirit sighting that occurred between the years of 1968-1970.
Purportedly, over half a million people witnessed the enlightened spirit hover above
Mary's Coptic Orthodox church
. Witnesses say that a ball of light developed into the spirit
of a young woman on top of the dome in the middle of the structure. People who came to
see the spirit of the lady included Christians, who then claimed the apparition was that of
the Virgin Mary. Our point:
she became the Virgin Mary through religious interpretation!
Egypt Angel Picture
Egypt Apparition Picture
Egypt Angel Images
Three images show the
illuminated spirit in Egypt.
There are more recent claims
of people seeing the spirit at
the same location.

Video documentary about the
sighting of the angel image in
Egypt. As the story is told, you
will notice that the spirit is
called the Virgin Mary after
Christian visitors see the
apparition, but is she?
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Bright Light Angel Picture
The next angel image was sent to us by Blossom. Here's her
"I was taking a picture of the wall I just painted, and
just prior to that, my mom and I were going through a rough
day. I prayed that God would send angels down to protect
us. This was taken about an hour later.  That is the north
side of the house, no sun at all."
Bright Light Angel Picture
Possible photograph of an angel...a spirit in
someone's living room. We have few details about
the image. If it is supernatural, then would this have
to be an angel? That's what we are examining in
this article. Isn't it plausible that a human spirit
could manifest in this manner? If so, we would
certainly not call this a ghost but an enlightened
spirit of maybe a friend or family member who
visited the household in a time of need.
Final thoughts to consider:
In Exodus 3, the "angel of the lord" was said to appear to Moses "in flames of fire from within the (burning) bush."
When we consider this passage and the above angel images, it is interesting how these photos of apparitions
could also be described as "burning bushes." We also know that human, enlightened spirits are taught in the
Bible as visiting and speaking to those on earth. In Matthew 17, Jesus is said to have carried on a conversation
with Moses and Elijah, both men. Even more interesting, the face of Jesus was said to shine like the sun and then
a bright cloud enveloped all of them.   
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