The Haunted Pink Floyd Mural
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Friends who came over to visit, after gazing
into the collage for only short periods of time,
made comments about seeing faces and
figures that morphed in and out of focus, from
one side to the other, from the top or the
bottom, that would appear from nowhere,
changing size and position. Some said they
saw a knight in full battle armor, others saw a
cowboy wearing a tattered hat, full duster, and
elbow length gloves. Many different things, but
the most predominant was “The Cowboy.”
I discovered a negative of the Angel
in the mirror.."The rainbow of light
remains a rainbow, and I swear I
can see the face of an angel just
inside of it!!!!

Look at the cowboy in negative!
Though The Cowboy never did anything “evil”, it wasn’t long before people did not want to sit on
the couch, and it wasn’t long after that, that they didn’t visit at all anymore…with the exception of
a few. There was a young guitarist (Vincent Gates) that The Cowboy seemed to be fond of, and
he would make frequent appearances when Vince was around. Maybe he found Vince to be
“Entertaining”, Vincent was quite an exceptional, self-taught, musician.

Photo below:  “High Hopes” - Vince gives a “peace sign” as The Cowboy smiles behind him.
The Pink Floyd Mural was moved
again in 1989, and was reassembled
on the living room wall of a
manufactured home in Sun Valley,
where it continued to be a strange
anomaly. On one specific occasion a
friend of the mural’s owner
disrespectfully poked The Cowboy in
the left eye, because he didn’t like the
way the eyes of The Cowboy followed
him around the room. The Cowboy was
instantly angered, and frowned with a
sinister sneer, one eye closed from the
protrusion. After taking photo # 3, the
mural’s owner and the “EyePoker”
(Glenn) ran out of the house and did
not return for several hours ‘till the fear

Photo at left:
“Eye of the Beholder” - The Cowboy
tries to regain sight after being
disrespectfully poked by a former
friend. Here he can be seen with a
sinister frown, and “Looks That Could

By 1994 the owner did not like to turn
his back  to the mural, and when he
got tired of looking over his shoulder,
he took it down for good and had a
friend put it into storage. The owner
only kept one of the two large
centerpieces…the friend became a
former-friend and it is not known where
the complete set of the original
“Haunted Pink Floyd Mural” posters
are today.
Photo at left and below:
“Stargate” - This Ghost
looks perplexed, perhaps he
is wondering, “What is that
woman going to do with that
plastic bag?”  (Stargate can
be turned / mummies to
aliens, I think I even saw an
Egyptian Sphinx with fish lips
Photo at left:
“Voyeur” - This
Ghost watches
a man trying
on leather
pants the day
before his
be he is
thinking, “Look
at those
chicken legs, I
wouldn’t marry
April 23, 2005                                                                       Ghost Story of the Month July 2005!

The Haunted Pink Floyd Mural    by Wake Cowboy

This unique, anomalous mural, comprised of several different images, was created by Dawna C.
Wunder upon the wall of Wherehouse Records and Video Store # 201, on the corner of Prater and
McCarran, in Sparks Nevada, for the Promotional Release of Pink Floyd’s “A Momentary Lapse of
Reason” album debut in 1987.

After the promotion it was taken down and moved, with an extra centerpiece and several extra LP
sized posters for spare parts, to 4650 Sierra Madre, Foxfire Apartment # 819, where it was
reassembled above a couch in the living room.

The Haunted Pink Floyd Mural looks like this...
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