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"There have been several times when strange phenomena have occurred. I'm not sure
if it has to do with my age or not, because hauntings have occurred around teenagers
before ( I'm 14 ). By the way, my name's Heather...and nothing at all had happened
before I started doing Wicca.  Wicca is a modern form of witchcraft.  It's mostly
intended to do good, and that's what I used it for. I was trying to make something
happen that I really need to happen. That's what I meant."

One day, I was in my room. I had locked it, but it opened. When I  checked to see who
it was, no one was there.  Another time I was on the phone, when a bottle I had on my
dresser suddenly fell over with nothing at all to cause it. Then, there were two more
things...I was in my room one night, trying to get to sleep, when I felt someone go on
the bed, even though I was alone.  I checked to see who it was, and again, no one was
there. I tried to ignore it, and tried to go to sleep again, when I heard someone
whispering right next to me.  And,  the last thing that happened: I was once again trying
to go to sleep, and I felt someone sit at the end of the bed. I had been trying to do
Wicca before these events, but by the time that these happened, I had stopped (doing

I forgot to tell you this, but one day during school, I was in the sick room.  The door was
closed and the lights were off.  I was on one of those bed-type things (a cot?) laying
down, when I heard footsteps inside the room!  I know, I know, it's at school, but trust
me, these were actually inside the room!  I slightly looked up, wondering why the
footsteps were inside the room (once again I was alone), and I saw an orb watching
me.  Pretty freaky, huh?  I never thought that the sick room could possibly be haunted!

Update - Heather recently had another ghostly encounter in June 2005:

My parents were both at work, so I had to sit home by myself until my mom came home
at midnight. So I was just watching TV and talking to my friend on the phone.  Then, it
sounded like somebody else picked up the phone, so I thought maybe it was her
parents or something. But then, about 5 minutes later she was like, "The phone got
louder, and nobody is here except my dad and he is sleeping. Is somebody else on the
phone at your house?"  So, I told her that nobody could be, because I was home
alone.  I got up and started to search the house, and  we could both hear really heavy
breathing. When I walked into the kitchen, the phone was hanging off the receiver, so I
walked over and hung it up.  But, when I went to turn away to go back into my room, it
felt like somebody shoved me. Hard enough to make me have to catch my balance.

The next day when I woke up, it looked like there was a hand print burned into my back.
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