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By Leslie G.

One night my two friends and I went shopping.
We were on our way home when we saw a man
walking along the road in dirty clothes.  We
decided to stop and ask if there were any
problems.  The man turned and said,''No.  I am
just on my way home.  That's all," and he
continued walking.  We started driving again and
about a mile or so up the road I looked out my
mirror and saw the same man right behind our
car.  "How did he get to that spot so fast?  He
was just way back there," my friend said.
We parked on the side of the road again and we all stepped out.  The man didn't
even turn to look at us.  He just walked right past us.  We called for him.  No
Then I started walking towards him to see what was wrong and
he started running.  We chased him until he went around the
corner.  I was right on his tail.  My friends were right behind me.  I
looked behind me, then in front again, and came to an abrupt
stop. There was a dead end and the man that I was chasing
disappeared into thin air!  I backed up slowly and went to my
friends.  We started talking about what had just happened.  Then
all of a sudden, we heard the car start up and we all ran around
the corner once more.  The car that we had been driving was
pulling out of its spot...but there wasn't a driver in it.  Then the
door opened and we saw a dark figure run into the woods.  We
got in the car and drove off.
I swore I would never go near that place again...
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