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A couple of months ago, I saw an angel or a ghost; I don't know which, but I call
him "Fred" because he reminds me of Freddy Krueger.  Well, I had just gotten
out of the shower, and was standing in the hallway and. . . . . . suddenly, out of
the corner of my eye, a white figure appeared with a long gun.  It was a male
and he had black eyes, a long tailcoat, and he wore a tall black hat.  I just stood
there and watched him move across the floor, and I waved.  He gave me this
evil look and I heard a lady's scream; and I went screaming to my father,
"Daddy! Daddy! Go get the ghost!  He has a gun!"  And then, I went black for a
second and something awoke me.  I heard our front door SLAM!!!!!!  

I was scared the rest of the night.  And when I went to bed, I heard,
"BBBrrrroooookkkkkeeee, cccooommmeee dddooowwwnnn tttooo
tttthhhheeee bbbbaaaasssseeemmmmeeeennnntttt!!!!"  So, I went down in the
basement and I saw something that scared me so badly my heart stopped
beating.  I saw Fred on the treadmill walking, walking, walking, jogging, jogging,
jogging, RUNNING, RUNNING, RUNNING!  But, the treadmill was not making a
sound nor moving!  I ran all the way upstairs and went to sleep. That night I had
nightmares - nightmares that someday might come true.
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