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by Ashley Craven
My name is Ashley.  I am fifteen, and my house is haunted.  My mother, younger brother,
older sister, and myself have all seen at least three "ghosts" in our house.  I have three
stories to tell (they are not long but they all have scared the crap out of me).  My little
brother is now five (this story took place when he was only two and had just begun to
talk).  My mother, sister and I were watching a movie on the couch (which is right in front
of the door that leads to our basement.  We had a child gate in front of the stairs because
he liked to open it and look down).  My little brother was asleep and woke up, so he
decided to come in the living room with us.  He walked down the hall and sat on the
couch beside me, then he got up and went to the stairs.  He opened the door and looked
down like always. My brother came running back and said, "The lady's comin'...the lady's
coming!"  By this time, we were all a little bit scared.  So, we went to the basement door
and looked; and there was nothing there - so we went, got him and asked him if there
really was a lady at the stairs.  He said there was a white lady coming up the stairs to get
him. That night after we had calmed down we went to bed.  The next morning I woke up
and told my mom that there had been a lady dressed in all white standing at the end of
my bed...her face went pale and she told me that the exact thing had happened to her.  
She saw her and thought that she was seeing things, so she looked again, and she was
still there.  We now feel protected by this figure that hangs out in our rooms.  We don't
know where she came from, or why she is here now, but she is here to stay and we
accept that.  

My second story happened before my little brother was born.  I was sleeping on the
couch in my living room (while my room was being painted,) and my mom was locking up
the house.  She told me that she had just turned off the lights and she turned around to
check on me; when she did, there was an orb floating over me...and when she looked at
it the orb flew in the kitchen and disappeared.   She said that she felt like it was
protecting me - like it was a family member.  

My third and final story happened just a few days ago.  I was standing in my kitchen and I
got interested in something on TV; so, I was watching it from the kitchen.  I heard a loud
breath, almost like a sigh...and I thought it was my dog (I had felt the breath on the back
of my neck.   Yet, I was so interested in the TV, that it didn't really bother me... until my
dog walked down the hall and I realized that she hadn't even been in the kitchen. Even if
she was, she couldn't have blown on my neck if she tried - not even on her hind legs).   
So, I turned around and out of the corner of my eye, I saw a man's face (a mean one).  I
screamed and got chill bumps.  I wouldn't go in the kitchen by myself to save my life now -
even in the day time. The figure was black; not like dark skin, but like the color  black.  My
boyfriend says it's a poltergeist...
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