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by Julie Egan and Nick Narris
The house we lived in was haunted. A man named Walter died in the house from an asthma
attack. During the sale of the house, Tim, his son, did not include that his father died in the
house, or the room that I had been sleeping in.  Little stuff would happen like lights flickering
and also a creaking in the house. There were dark shadows about three feet tall that would
run down the hallway...cold spots all around the house.  My sister was sleeping and woke up
screaming, and my mom ran up to her and she had a bite mark on her forehead.  My Step
dad would wake up screaming as if someone was sitting on his chest.  It felt like someone
was always watching you.  My bedroom door would always shake and open and close by its
self. The cable cords would come out of the floor and whip against the wall. One time we
had a few people over and we were all around the table and we had one of those police
flashlights on the table.  The light somehow got knocked off the table and landed straight up
on the floor.  The blankets would mysteriously be yanked off when we slept...and we would
be awakened by it.  My mom heard a noise and it happened between 3:00 and 4:45 in the
morning.  She heard a "swooshing noise," and woke my Step dad up, thinking it was
someone messing with his Asplin truck.  As he went to go check on it and my mom was
behind him.  She stood in front of the laundry room.  He came back in and said no one was
outside, and that's when they found the lamp.  It looked like the brass rod in the middle of the
lamp was ripped out and swung around until it broke the top glass piece of the lamp.  All the
pieces of the lamp were on the table, and the lamp was on the floor.  There were moans and
groans through out the house.  My uncle Bob was sleeping in my mom's room and he had
awoke to a woman with long black hair and skinny, pale, long, cold skinny fingers...choking
him.  The next day he woke and told us the story, and we witnessed the bruising on his neck.
He said he was moving out that day, and he followed through with it.  My mom put her foot
down and said, "Enough with it all."  She went to our local West Branch church where she
was married, and asked the pastor to come and bless the house...but first, he wanted some
evidence.  We set up a tape recorder while we went to Kmart.  When we came back to
listen to it, we heard noises beyond the grave.  There was screaming, yelling, screeching,
slamming; and the dog wanted out of its pen -- dying to get out.  We brought the tape to the
pastor and he jokingly said, "It's an excellent day for an exorcism."  He said he would bless
the house.  After he did, it eased up for a while; but then started up again.  My mom got into
witchcraft then we moved.  As far as we know the home is still standing, and if you live or
want to live in this area, check your local library for past history.  We concluded ghost
busters don't work....LOL
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