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By Jeff Knabel

I wrote and recorded a song about the 'Roll Right Stones' back in 1984 while I was
living in England at RAF Upper Heyford as a young man.  The place inspired me.
Such resonance surrounds the stones.  I would
love to visit it again.  I remember an old farmer
telling my two friends and myself about the
'Whispering Knights,' and some other bits and
pieces about the 'Eldern Tree,' and how it was
taken down because it was thought to be a
'Witch' keeping any eye on her bounty.  Of course
we stood by the 'King Stone,' took our strides
forward,  and saw the tip of the church tower of
'Long Compton.'
The song tells of the tale of a Witch, King, Knights, and the King's soldiers.  Now
they still live on after the Witch turned them all into stone, and herself into an old
Eldern tree to keep an eye on them all.  When I heard the story for the first time it
inspired me to write 'The Stones.'
Please let anyone who wants to, listen to this
song called 'The Stones' by going to:

It will definitely bring back the feeling of
enchantment I got when I went there.
Jeff Knabel
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