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Jennifer Sumpter sent pictures taken at the famous Bell Witch cave in Tennessee.  You can read our story of
famous Bell Witch Haunting.  The first picture has a very nice moving orb...

"These pictures were recently taken in the legendary Bell Witch Cave on 10/28/06.  I have more pics available
with orbs in them but the very first picture is the best one.  The last 4 pictures were all taken of the same exact
spot one right after the other in sequence.  Notice how one of them is completely black as compared to the
others.  Then in the last two there are strange looking lights.  This is a picture of the "hole" that leads to the
second level of the cave where, according to legend, the boy got stuck and the dark cave lit up on its own and
something pulled him out.  Keep in mind that there was a light shining on this hole in the top of the cave when
the pictures were taken, BUT it didn't look anything in real life like the pictures turned out, especially with one
of them being totally black showing no light at all.  The light that was visible in person looked nothing like the
pictures.  It's almost like the picture is blurry in a couple of them.  Anyway, it looks very weird to me."
bell witch cave
bell witch cave
bell witch cave
bell witch cave
bell witch cave ghost picture
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