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Kathy Owen from Bodfish, CA sent us a couple of ectoplasm ghost pictures with a moving orb in one of
the pictures.

"Here are two shots I got from camping last night. The campground was full of activity. The whole night
we would hear sounds of someone walking around us, and the sound of footsteps in the leaves.
Everytime we would hear the sound, we would aim and shoot. Our Ghost Hunting crew took walks
around the Camp Ground to see they could get. These are the two best ones we got. In this first pic,
we heard foot steps in the leaves about 20 feet from where we were sitting, took the shot, and this is
what we got. No smoke at all. Looks like Ectoplasm to me. It also looks like there is a womans face right
next to the tree on the right. The second pic is a pic of my car, and right behind it you can see a
awesome moving Orb of beautiful colors!! I have never seen a bright green with a purple vapor trail to
it. Also looks like so ectoplasm in the air as well. Interesting night..."
campground camping
camping ghost
Close-up of
the moving
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