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Lee Ferchalk sent this ghost picture with an apparition of a Civil War soldier.  It almost looks like two soldiers to
us...Lee and her associate's website is
Central PA Paranormal Research and Investigation

"I have several ghost pics taken at a cemetery local to me. The cemetery is very old and no longer used. The pic
I've attached is my personal favorite of the 5 I have that show anomalies. This pic shows a man sitting just inside
the woods sitting on a stool and looking directly at the camera. The uniform he is wearing (white crossing straps
across his chest, and kepi [hat]) dates back to the 1860's and the American Civil War. Not surprisingly there is a
grave marker for a veteran of that war not for from where the pic was taken. The weather was clear and dry that
day (March 2005) and I was the only on in the graveyard when the pics were taken. The pics were taken with a
Hitachi digital DVD mini disk camcorder. I'd be happy to share the other pics with you if you are interested in them,
just let me know. I can assure you that none of these pics are fakes. The only change made in the pic attached
was a highlight around the anomaly with windows paint. The pics were taken in the old MT Zion Cemetery in
Windber, Pa. You have my permission to use any and all of this information on your site including my full name
and location. Thanks for taking the time to look at this one. Hope to hear something back from you on it."
"Here are the other four pics I captured at the same location, same day,
same camera."  
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