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Jan sent us this picture which at first glance just looks like flash reflection off of the glass of the picture above
the lady.  Looking closer, it strikingly looks like a half-face with an eye, nose and mouth, but is it a ghost?  The
eye can play tricks on us and this could be an example of "
anthropomorphizing," where the brain seeks to find
something familiar out of shapes.  Is it a ghost or just the flash?  Take a look and you decide...

"This first picture was taken of my niece,at the Driskill Hotel in Austin ,Texas.  We heard the hotel was the most
haunted place in Austin, so we wanted to get some pictures there.  I have other pictures with unexplainable
content in it, but none of them showed an image this clear. I looked for some history of the Driskill on the
Inter-net, and found one story where two brides committed suicide there.  This second picture is the same
picture - it has been enhanced.  Also, when I zoomed in on it, I could see her red lipstick and she seems to be
wearing some kind of veil. Maybe a bridal veil?  I took two more pictures: one of myself and one of my
daughter in the same location and the image was not present in our photo.  The photos were taken on a
Kodak easy share digital camera. I showed the photos to my family and some say it looks like an animal.  It
seems to be looking at my niece?  I am certain that it isn't a reflection!! I think it followed me home!"
driskill hotel ghost
Close-up of the
face reflected on
the glass.

Negative image of
the face.

"They say a little
girl died on these
driskill hotel orb picture
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