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Chad captured some nice ectoplasm by accident in this ghost photograph...       
"...took this photo while doing a home inspection -- after a fire loss destroyed part of the house."
ectoplasm ghost photograph "There was nothing
visible and a picture
taken moments
before had nothing
like this.  It appears
to be a face in the
upper portion...and
right side of the
photo; like I put the
camera right in its
face.  I had a very
uneasy feeling the
whole time inside
the house prior to
this being taken,
and this was just
before I left.  I wasn't
gonna' stick around.
It was taken with a
Kodak digital
camera, and there
is no light at all (as
all the windows were
boarded up).  The
fire was almost a
month previous, and
I don't smoke.  What
do you think?  The
house is located in
Waterford PA."
Close-up: Do you see a face in this ectoplasm?
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