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Rainbow sent us these pictures in which she found some amazing faces.  These could be ghostly, or
they could be what's known in the ghost hunting community as "matrixing."   The scientific term for this
is "anthropomorphizing," which means "to give human attributes to non-human things."  It is something
we do naturally.  Are these faces ghosts?  Maybe, but you decide...

"First of all, I have enjoyed looking at your pics on your site.  So, I had a look at all of my pics that I
have saved on my laptop to see if I could notice anything, as my eldest son died three years ago (aged
8, and so I was hoping to catch him in a pic).   I have loads of pics of my kids, but only found these two
that had ghosts in them.  So here they are -- I hope you enjoy them.

The first pic is of my son in a park along side a road where a little boy died six years ago.  He was
knocked over by a bus -- I think crossing the road to school.  You can see in the fence a child's face,
and also in the tree behind my son you can also see a face.  

The second picture was taken in my sister in law's garden at her barbeque.  If you look on the low wall
behind the children, you can see a very small face -- it looks like a man with a bald head and a
mustache.  I took these photos with my Nokia mobile phone."
Left: Close-up of head
from below.
Right: Close-ups of
faces from above.
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