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No matter what caused this ghost picture, it is just plain cool (no pun intended!).  This frosty face appeared on
Renea Brooks' brother's window in Australia.  We have no idea how this could come to be, or even if it is

"We have an unusual thing happening in my brothers home, one Sunday recently he was cooking the Sunday
roast when he looked up and noticed a human face staring back at him, it has quite literally appeared in the
fog created on the glass window from the steam in the room. From the inside of the glass window it appears to
be the negative side of the face, upon going outside you can clearly see the face front on view. It was a rainy
night that night so it caught us quite by surprise, but to this day if you grab a kettle and let the steam from it
fog up the window the face re-appears. These pictures are still shots taken from the video footage captured
the night it first appeared, I have the footage burnt onto DVD but I am unable to figure out how to make the
video footage small enough to send via the web. Would love to know your thoughts on this, I'm intrigued at the
finer details and the dimensions, it seems so life-like!"
frosty face
Above:  Inside image of the frosty face.

Below:  Outside image of the frosty face.
frosty face
frosty face
The negative
image of the frosty
face.  Many
people see an
woman in the
negative image.  
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