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Brenda Rivenback sent us this great ghost picture of what appears to be ectoplasm around the home
and car.  The biggest cloud of ectoplasm appears to be a dog.  Is it a ghost dog?  You decide...

"The original picture was taken August 29th, 2006 at approximately 3:30pm.  My sister was taking
pictures with her digital camera of the kids in front of our porch.  It was a clear day -- no clouds, no
smoke.  The original picture shows the kids on the porch, the car, and the ghostly figure above the car.
She did not see anything showed up on the camera; and when I put it on the computer, it was
very clear that it was some sort of figure.  The only thing I can think of is, it's a ghost!  The original
picture has a date across the bottom; it isn't the correct date.  The camera had reset its self when she
put new batteries in it.  I am sending the original, and you can see there are other formations hanging
around my car."
ghost dog
ghost dog
ghost dog
Above:  Close-up of the ghost dog...and the negative image.
Below:  Original picture.
ghost dog
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