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Is this a ghost dog?  Shaun sent us this picture of ectoplasm over a dog's burial site - is it the ghost of
the dog?  You decide...  

" friend Susan had a cross Staffordshire Terrier called, 'Tyson.'  She had it for many was
a special dog...on a TV series, adverts and in music videos.  Sadly, the dog passed away in 2005.  She
had the dog cremated, and buried his ashes in her back garden.  She has done a little area specially
for the dog. On the 15th of July, 2006 she took a picture; and when she downloaded it to her computer
she noticed a white like mist.  When she looked closer, it appears to be a dog and looks like the one
she used to have.  The dog is above the area she built for her beloved Tyson.  Please look at the
attachment, and you will see on the right hand side a dog."
ghost dog
Below:  Close-up -- Can you see the ghost dog outline in the mist?
ghost dog
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