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Angela Prasad sent us this creepy ghost picture with a face behind them in the background.  We also
created a negative image for you to analyze...

"This picture was taken with my phone camera.  It is not altered, only resized.  One weekend my
boyfriend and I went to visit his friend and his girlfriend who live on an Indian reserve.  We went for
dinner.  While there, I took a picture of the couple with my phone. Now my phone is not a Nikon, but it
works.  Later that evening I thought I saw a ghost in the hallway staring at me.  Now I have never in my
entire life witnessed a spirit.  Everybody laughed at me and said, 'No more wine for you.'  Last night my
boyfriend was scrolling through my pics and noticed an image in the picture, and asked me to blow up it
up.  When I did, I have to say that what we saw brought shivers to our spines…"
ghost in background
ghost face
background ghost
Above:  Close-up of the ghost face...and its negative image.
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