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Brian sent us this photograph that of what some may consider to be a ghost sitting beside the statue of St. Leo.  We think it is an enlightened spirit, such as a deceased family member or loved one who is visiting with the little girl, perhaps.  Certainly, nothing to fear...

"The attached picture of my oldest daughter was taken about a month ago when my family and I were visiting the campus of Saint Leo University to pick up my MBA diploma.  The statue is to mark some sort of time capsule that is buried there.  You can see what looks to be a ghostly figure sitting on the left side of the statue opposite my daughter.  My wife and I wanted some expert thoughts.  Kind of gives me the creeps, but perhaps it's an angel looking over my daughter.  Even if it's an evil spirit of some sort, I'd like to know as well.  Again, any expertise would be greatly appreciated."

Ghost of Saint Leo University?

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Ghost of Saint Leo Picture - Negative

Taking a closer look at the negative image of the light seems to reveal the shape of someone possible sitting on the opposite side of the statue.

Because the being is of light and seems relaxed and posing almost with the little girl, we would suspect an unseen loved one was with them in spirit...not a ghost.