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Andy Hunt of Dorset, England sent us this ghost picture taken in a tunnel at an old fort in Greece.  Is it
a ghost or light coming from somewhere else?  We're not sure.  You decide...

"My wife and I recently visited Corfu, Greece and paid a visit to Neo Frourio, an old fortress situated in
Corfu town.  I took many images using my Fujifilm Finepix S3000 digital camera.  The image I have
enclosed was one of a few I took in a series of dark corridors and passageways within the fort. This
particular image shows a strange misty glow at the bottom of the passage.  I was quite excited when I
saw it, but I am skeptical…who knows?  Maybe you can justify what it may be.  The spot lamp in the
middle right of the picture throws a yellowy light in the passage, but the ‘apparition’ is white in colour.
Also the room at the other end was not exposed to daylight.  I also did not use my flash at the time."
greek ghost
Above:  Is this an apparition in the tunnel?
Below:  Close-up of the anomaly at the end of the tunnel, and its
negative image.
greece ghost corfu greece ghost
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