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Brenda Rivenback sent us this great ghost picture of what appears to be ectoplasm around the home
and car.  The biggest cloud of ectoplasm appears to be a dog.  Is it a ghost dog?  You decide...

"I have two photos here.  In photo 1, just above the headstone base is a little white splotch.  I zoomed in
on it and saw this circle with what looks like a person in it. He has a dark vest and it looks like he is
holding something out. Just above him is a face starting to appear in front of the tree. To the left of that
is what looks like a profile of someone.  In photo 2, just to the left of the headstone base just above the
weeds is something just inside of the woods. If you zoom in on it you will see something weird and
another face or two on the left. if you look it is behind the tree but at the bottom a thin bit of it goes in
front of the tree. When I tried to put a blow it up or put a circle around the anomalies but it seems to
mess up the photo. I am sending them with no alterations. I took these with a 5 megapixel Panasonic
Photo 1

Close-up of
photo 1 & the
anomaly. Do
you see the
faces around
the light?  
Jeff wonders
if the one
image is of
hom.  See
Jeff's picture
below to

Photo of Jeff.

Photo 2
Above:  "It looks like this 'figure' is holding a
mirror and the "reflection" looks somewhat like
me. I had this gray hooded shirt on that day (see
picture). I was on my motorcycle and it was cool
out. I was facing the headstone base straight on
when I took the picture, but the "reflection" looks
like I am standing sideways to the "mirror" and
doing something else."  
- Jeff
of photo 2.
"Here is one more. In picture 3 is a little white spot between the two
graves just across the road. It is closer to the grave on the left.
When you zoom in it appears to be a face forming. I can see the
eyes and nose and cheeks."
Above:  Photo 3

Close-up of the
anomaly in photo 3.
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