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Sandy of Bristol, CT sent us this ghost picture which she believes could be her deceased husband.  
You have to look close, as the image of the man's face is faint at best:

"Just thought I'd send these out to you to see if you can take a look at them for me. My husband
committed suicide almost nine years ago. This is the apartment I was living in when he died. He hung
himself in the back yard of the apartment house. These pictures were taken eleven months after his

I had quite a few encounters where I truly believe it was my husband. From apparitions to cold breezes,
to things being thrown across the room. In fact, both my sons and my self heard sobbing in the back
yard one night. Coming from the area where he hung himself from one of the trees. Each encounter
was separate."   
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Above right:

Close-up of the images of a man's face and a
negative of the man's face.
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