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Nikki Gilday of San Antonio, Texas sent this different picture containing a green orb:

"This picture was taken on Sunday, November 02, 2003, 2:41:56 PM at the historic Mission Concepcion in San
Antonio, Texas.  It was very clear and sunny that afternoon. I was standing in the shade, and the entire image I
was trying to photograph was also in the shade, so this is not sun glare.  This orb was not visible when I took the
photo with my digital camera, nor does it appear in the pictures before or after this one, so I know it's not a dirty
lens.  When I downloaded the pictures to the computer, this is what I found.  Out of about 300 pictures, this is the
most noticeable of the orbs.  I have had this untouched image on my computer screen, and had people walk into
the room and their eyes are instantly drawn to the green orb.  Very odd."
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