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These ghost pictures intrigue us, as the mist seems to look more like ecto (spiritual presence) than smoke.  The ectoplasm looks near to photographer Ginger Heckman, away from the moorage fire. 

"This is a fire we had at our moorage. It took three homes, nobody was hurt bad.  I saw two faces in (the first pic), but nobody else could.  Then I showed the photo to someone out of the blue and they remarked on them also, and pointed out three more.  (The second photo) looks like a reptile-ish creature, face-to-face with a more human look, just eyes, nose, with mouth fading, but open..."

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As the fire at the Portland, Oregon moorage burns, the mist appears as ectoplasm with swirls of vapor trail, unlike smoke.  Do you see faces in the ectoplasm?
Moorage Fire Ghost EctoplasmMoorage Fire Ectoplasm Ghost Picture